Village of Manchester, Michigan

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Property Taxes

2013 Village Tax Rate:  15.8052 mills
              Allocations:  General                      10.7944
                                 Streets                         2.2612
                                 Parks                             .6019
                                 2010 Refunding Bond    2.1477


Property Taxes

The Village sends out tax bills once a year, on July 1st.  Taxes are due without penalty, on September 15th of each year.  After September 15th, a 3% penalty will be assessed until February 28th.  After February 28th, unpaid real property taxes are turned over to the Washtenaw County Treasurer for collection.  Taxes may be obtained by calling the Village at (734) 428-7877 or by email.

Manchester Township handles and mails the summer and winter taxes for each taxpayer in the Village.  For tax information, contact the Manchester Township (734) 428-7090.


Assessing is done by the Manchester Township assessor (734) 428-7090.  Assessing is contracted to Advanced Technologies (734) 433-9724.  Please contact either Manchester Township or Advanced Technologies for assessing-related information.